October 2009
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Webmin admin password was lost. How do I reset it ?

Today I have got one querry about resetting controll panel password on a dedicated server. I just set it up and provide full admin access to the client. But the password information on my was not working now what to do.

I found a thread on Google which is simple.

#/usr/libexec/webmin/ /opt/webmin/etc/webmin  webadmin admin#pwd

/usr/libexec/webmin/ […]

How do I restore the MAC image over the network

How to restore the MAC images over the network.

I also able did image backup and have sucess in resoreing it over teh network Ans. a. Boot from ‘iDeneb’ DVD and create a drive image and stored on other volume. b. Boot in normal mode and copied the image file to a web location. […]

How to install MAC On intel/AMD desktop

Yesterday I got a DVD from “Hackintosh MAC”( and I start to install on the Intel desktop. I called my friends to get a how to install and got some helpful tips 🙂 thankfully.

At last installation process starts and I see the “Mac startup screen and after that it hangs.

Worried..??? remembered the friends […]

Redhat YUM Repository for LAN with failover functionality

How to setup yum repository for Redhat.

1. Copy all the files from Redhat/Centos DVD to a local anonymous ftp location.

creating anonymous FTP location. 1, Setup FTP servers or http web share a. install vsftp on the target system, start the ftp service and copy the files to “/var/ftp/pub ” location. You can access […]

How do I disable mod_security or solve 406 errors for a Website

quick setup.

edit your .httacces files on the web location and add the following lines,

<IfModule mod_security.c> SecFilterEngine Off SecFilterScanPOST Off </IfModule>

Godaddy Hosting – WordPress don’t send email

This is the same blog for about this wordpress,

I have been looking for a solution of sending emails from my blog. It wasn’t sending emails/ I tried many of the plugins but no success.

Finally when i am in the situation which i can’t forward a bit step without sending mail features. Especially in […]