October 2009
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How to install MAC On intel/AMD desktop

Yesterday I got a DVD from “Hackintosh MAC”( and I start to install on the Intel desktop. I called my friends to get a how to install and got some helpful tips 🙂 thankfully.

At last installation process starts and I see the “Mac startup screen and after that it hangs.

Worried..??? remembered the friends talking.. Even though I was pressed the F8 key, I has seen a ” hd0 (256, Ethernet PXE adapter). Showing it’s pretty incorrect and tried many times.. got sad again.. Do I did anything wrong ?

Yes.. I did.. as I am installing it on a good configuration( Core2 due,Inter DG31pr,2GB RAM) system and also

    pressed the F8 before the black boot window screen appears which cause to get boot from other medium ‘Not CD”.

Tips is ” Don’t press the F8 key until Mac Dos ( black screen ) window appears which show press F8 key to install on adavanced mode. Then I got another window which asking boot prompt.

At this boot prompt,
I typed “

cpu=1, maxmem=2048  -v

then press enter.

Great!!! I am starting to view a booting process .. Lol..
Simply I get in and find few pop up window asking to choose ” your county and keyboard type etc etc..” Hopefully clicked and eager to finish it at the earliest. That again ” when I get a window ” Where to install showing an “empty list on it” and I can’t forward after that :-(… I have had a windows partition on the same HDD before.

After quick browsing over the menu on mac installer I found a Disk utilities application from the menu bar.
a. Erase the Disk
b. Create a new Volume ( partition in our words) choose the file system ” Mac OS journeled”
c. Exit and forward the Window where I stuck at ” Where to Install ” . Now it’s shown. Great !! That newly created volumes has identified the OS installer and I feel really good to go.

Installation just take 30 minutes and required a reboot.

Done!!!! You have a Mac Desktop. Let’s play with it cheaper :-D.

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