November 2009
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Enabling webcasting, live streaming in webiste


Today I am dealing with a client one who need a live streaming one of his cousin marriage. But he can’t afford buying a expensive FMS for a short period because his shared hosting limited to 50 MB space with 2GB bandwidth.

After had a discussion with few guys around me, they suggested me two solutions which I am can set it up free.

I prefer to go ahead with Steps are follows,
1. Web browsers (I recommended Firefox with adobe flash player installed). IE doesn’t work for me.
2. A capturing device like usb enabled video camera, web cams, capture card etc which OS can identify the device.

1. Go to and open an account
2. Navigate to “Your shows” and click on it.
3. Create “type name of your shows and save
4. Make sure that you have “capturing device attached to the system and working. Next click on “Broadcast now” and it will open a popup window.
5. Just wait for a some time until the browser identify our capturing device and then flash player shows a warning that ” Camera and Mic access”. Click on


to start the webcasting.
6. Now can see a window open and you can see the camera preview on that window. There are many options to change the video & audio settings.
7. Click on “Start Broadcast” to start the web casting.

How to share it ???

There are two ways.
1. Sharing a link to all users :– It just simple. provide the “url ” under the caption “Share your show”
2. Inviting people to watch your site: copy the “live-ebd” url.
Create an html file and copy the code under

tag. Here I am showing a sample one.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">

<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" />
    <strong><div> " insert your Dive here " </div></strong>

Save the html file and upload it to your site.

Enjoy the GNU pod casting 🙂 !!!!!!…

2 comments to Enabling webcasting, live streaming in webiste

  • You might also LiveStream.

    I would also suggest that you use the Adobe Live Encoder 3.0 instead of the browser encoder supplied by these web sites. The Adobe Live Encoder will give you more control and produce a better picture.

    The Adobe Live Encoder will allow you to record the webcast to a file so you can then post it up somewhere for On-Demand viewing.

    If you use a Camcorder with USB or Firewire, make sure it doesn’t go into sleep mode in the middle of the webcast. A lot of consumer models will do that. You won’t be recording on the camcorder so it will think that it’s not being used.

    Make sure you use a powerful computer with a fast hard drive and lots of ram and with NO EXTRAs installed. That means, no antivirus or spyware software. Nothing extra. The more junk on that computer, the more likely there will be problems encoding the video stream.

    Mike Colburn

  • Thanks for the comments. I will look on it

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