November 2009
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Plesk – qmail sending the mails from localhost.localdomain

Yesterday I have issue with plesk mail.
During the nagios setup on a pleask installed server, I noticed that all the mails which generated from the console showing the suffix localhost.localdomain. Hence it caught moved to spam mail.

My trails are,

1. First checking the mx records properly point to the server
2. Check the /etc/hosts and hostname ( etc/sysconfig/network) whether it’s correctly resolve the hostname
3. Make sure that mx record point to the ““. It must have a FQDN.
4. Verifying reverse dns lookup. I created a “PTR’ record of the server ip pointing to the “mail” host record and the server domain.
5. Verifying that smtp server is listening the port 25. Actually Plesk uses qmail smtp to send out the mail and SMTP server (Postfix) was not started during the setup time. So that I can send the mail but not receive any mails.

Finally I found a solution from thread is.

Just change the ” /var/qmail/control/me” file entry to mydomain which was set to

# echo "" > /var/qmail/control/me

restart qmail and nagios

[root@rc-042 php-5.2.9]# /etc/init.d/qmail restart
[root@rc-042 php-5.2.9]# /etc/init.d/nagios restart

How to verify qmail configured to use my domain.

# /var/qmail/bin/qmail-showctl | less

press the key “q” quit from window which must shows
defaulthost: (Default.) Default host name is

It’s working charm after that. -:)

Note: I have spent few hours to find how the email was send out. I stopped the posfix and verified the port 25 is not listening. But it’s still sending out the mail. Lately I found Plesk is using qmail to send the mail.

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