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How do I install SSL certificate on IIS

SSL certificate installations are varying according to the different CA. Here I used Godaddy’s CA to install SSL

There is two steps involved for this.
a. CSR generation
b. Installing Intermediate Certificate Bundle
c. To Install the SSL Certificate

a.Generating a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) – IIS 6.x

1. Open Internet Information Services.
2. Select the computer and website (host) that you wish to secure. Right click and select Properties.
3. Click the Directory Security tab and click on the “server Certificate”. button.
4 Click Next in the Welcome to the Web Server Certificate Wizard window.
5. Select Create a new certificate then click Next.
6 Select Prepare the request now, but send it later and click Next.
7 In the Name and Security Settings window, fill in the name field for the new certificate; then select the bit length (2048 or higher). Click Next.
Complete the Distinguished Name Fields:
a. Organization
b. Organizational Uni
c. Common Name : it should be FQDN including www prefix. eg:
8. It will ask to location to store the .csr which which is required for issueing ssl
Go through the next screen and complete the wizard.

b. Installing Intermediate Certificate Bundle

1. Type “mmc” on run command windows
2. In the Management Console, select File then Add/Remove Snap In.
3. In the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog, click the Add button and then select Certificates.
4. click on Computer Account and choose local comouter on the next window.
5. Close the Add or Remove Snap-ins dialog and click OK to return to the main MMC window.
6. Right-click on Intermediate Certification Authorities and choose All Tasks, then click Import.
7. Follow the wizard prompts to complete the installation procedure.
8. Click Browse to locate the certificate file. Change the file extension filter in the bottom right corner to be able to select the file. Click Open after selecting the appropriate file.
9. Click Next in the Certificate Import Wizard.

c.To Install the SSL Certificate
1. Select the Internet Information Service console within the Administrative Tools menu.
2. Select the website (host) for which the certificate was made.
3. Right mouse-click and select Properties.
4. Select the Directory Security tab.
5. Select the Server Certificate option.
6. The Welcome to the Web Server Certificate Wizard windows opens. Click OK.
7. Select Process the pending request and install the certificate. Click Next.
8. Enter the location for the certificate file at the Process a Pending Request window. The file extension may be .txt or .crt instead of .cer (search for files of type all files).
9. When the correct certificate file is selected, click Next.
10. Verify the Certificate Summary to make sure all information is accurate. Click Next.
11. Select Finish.

1 comment to How do I install SSL certificate on IIS

  • Hello All
    I have a wildcard SSL certificate *
    I wanted to install it to IIS 7 since you don’t have the CSR.
    I am heartly thankful to you because your post has solved my problem. Now it became very easy to do. I found it very useful and descriptive steps.

    Thank you.

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