March 2010
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How do I enable openssl extension on PHP

I used a custom php build on My Centos server. Now I want to enable openssl extension in order to communicate with SSL.


Download and install openssl

 #wget #./configure && make && make install

You may use yum method to install it (yum install openssl*)

2. Next step is to start the php […]

Disabling sending cronjob mails

I faced an issue with disk quota with a user accounts. After checking, it’s noticed that he has set few cronjobs which run every 3 minutes and sending log emails to the same user’s email as well caused such trouble.

Solution is,

I have added a line for stopping cron to send log messages and […]

How do I disable Http authentication on WHM/Cpanel ?

The design of HTTP Authentication does not allow for logging out of an authenticated session. Once a HTTP Authentication session is established, the credentials are cached by the browser until the browser application is terminated. Some browsers allow a method to flush the credentials, but this method is not reliable nor available in all browsers. […]

Nagios- Getting Host down alerts

I have said to setup nagios for few servers located on the same Vlan. But there servers are highly protected by the network which is all the ICMP request packets are dropped. This cause me to get a nagios alert that ” Host is down” once Nagios monitoring host is configured.

The best way to […]

Installing Nagios on WHM/Cpanel servers

How do I install nagios on WHM/Cpanel loaded with Centos ?

I spent about 5 hours to find a solution for viewing nagios web interface since cpanel is using SuPhp bind with Apache. I’ve done the nagios installation so quickly but cpanel apache config. didn’t allow to include “conf.d” folders in “include” list. obviously this […]

Installing CSF on WHM/Cpanel for Centos

CSF (ConfigServer Security & Firewall) is a excellent and easily configurable firewall solution for WHM/Cpanel servers. But I would recomend to use APF is possible but there is no any GUI to manage it.

Here are the quick steps to install it,

# mkdir /home/installation && cd /home/installation #tar -zxvf csf.tgz -bash-3.2# cd csf […]