June 2010
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Mod_security: Denying access to specific url

I have a WHM/Cpanel installed server and create a user account for new hosting. But I won’t wish the developers have the cpanel access and able to work with the development process. I have installed a "PhpnyAdmin’ on the hosting space. During the querry execution I hit by the following error messages, <code>"Wed Jun 23 […]

Squid : Limiting access to a website, IP and certain domains

My requirement is to block certain websites to all users except for certain ips.

My SQUID server is running on transparent mode which is redirected all the http requests to this proxy server using IPTABLES. I spent about 3 hours to Google and testing to make it working.

This SQUID transparent proxy does have […]

Openfire : Login failure after the installation

I’m using Centos5.4 64 bit OS and installed openfire (open source widely used chat server) rpm distribution. While I’m login to the admin console after the very first login it doesn’t accept my password which I set it there during the installation time. I’m getting the same error and re-installed the rpm again and gain.


how do I open a port in apf firewall and add my ip trusted.

Apf is a policy based iptable firewall which is very useful for blocking DDoS attack on heavily traffic servers. The issue is when we developrs/testers are using the same server which will deny all the traffic from their static Ip given. This is a major headache in most cases.

1. Opening port in apf firewall […]

Installing FFMPEG on WHM/Cpanel server

Today, I’ve got a task to install ffmpeg and enable it on php in whm/Cpanel live server. I’m planning to use rpmforge repository to get all ffmpeg packages for yum install.

[] installation >> uname -i x86_64 My OS architecture using 64 bit OS. So I need to use 64bit binary from rpmforge.

#rpm […]

How to hide the Squid infomation from error pages

We need to add the following lines on squid error pages. Error pages are found under ” etc/squid/errors” directory. Just we need to customize the error to be shown and just add the line ” <!– Generated by %s –>” included in it.

[root@rc-009 errors]# pwd /etc/squid/errors [root@rc-009 errors]# vi ERR_ACCESS_DENIED Sample entry is " […]