July 2010
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My php mails are moving to spam box in Gmail

One of my client has spam issue with his server. Initial it was the problem with the sever IP reputation.

Possible reasons are,

1. Neighborhood ip on the same network was listed in the RBL black list. I have contacted hosting company to do the needful to solve the issue. They inform me […]

Enable ICMP request accepting on Windows 2008 server

My local server showing down status on Nagios even though it is live. I have enable the firewall and I did not find any option to enable ICMP request on firewall so quickly ( I’m newbie to 2008 server series 🙂

During the goofgle search I found a simple command does everything fine rather […]

How do I delete a word containing lines

During the mail server setup, I am facing to edit/add the line in between the specified tag containing lines in dovcot (pop3 server). It’s just because of that default configuration files having more than 1000 line and 97% of lines are instructions.

So I would like to remove all the lines begin with the word […]

Enabling wildcard support in Cpanel shared hosting

My requirement is I need to enable wildcard sudomains on one of my add-on domain. My add-on domain is “” and I want all the sub-domain requests to be managed my this domain like

<strong> –> –> –></strong>

Click on sub-domain menu from the cpanel home. Then add the ‘Subdomain […]

PMA : The server is not responding (or local MySQL server’s socket is not correctly configured

The server is not responding (or local MySQL server’s socket is not correctly configured

I got PhpMyAdmin error during the login time. I used custom “” for pointing the Data directory and socket path to listing.

[mysqld] datadir= /home/MYSQL/ socket= “/home/MYSQL/mysql.sock” max_connections = 500

After that I have edited the file […]