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Enabling instance storage on Amazon Windows 2008 AMI

After login to the AWS console, anyone can start the AMI (either windows or Linux ) instance easily using the interface. But most of the windows 2008 AMI using EBS volume by default and the instance were stared with 30GB diskspace. The real issue is when we start the windows ami using the GUI, we can’t utilise/use the instance storage associated with that package. A small instance has 160GB instance storage (ephemeral) and large instance has 850GB. Unfortunately I didn’t get the ephemeral storage come up with Windows though GUI and client demand it to for the work.

After some goggling it has found that we can enable the instance storage for Windows AMI when it starts only from the command line. So I look forward to start the instance from CLI.

Here is the link will help you to mange the Amazon ec2 from the command line.

Here is the commands to enable ephemeral storage on Windows 2008 instance,

D:ec2>ec2-run-instances –region us-east-1 -K pk-5SQGV63Y2CU62V4RUXUDHUKOFOSRGUH.pem -C cert-5SQGV63Y2CJU62V4RUXUDHUKOFOSRGUH.pem –block-device-mapping “/dev/sdc=ephemeral0” -block-device-mapping “/dev/sdd=ephemeral1” ami-d9e40db0 -g default -g default -t m1.large -k win-tmpl -z us-east-1c

1. –region : where the instance are running
2. -K pk-5SQGV63Y2CU62V4RUXUDHUKOFOSRGUH.pem : Private key for the SWI login
3. -C cert-5SQGV63Y2CJUdRUXUDHUKOFOSRGUH.pem : X.509 certificates
4. –block-device-mapping “/dev/sdc=ephemeral0” : I uses both ephemeral storage comes up with my large instance plan
5. ami-d9e40db0 : Windows 2008 64 bit AMI
6.-g default : Default security group
7. -t m1.large : Instance type
8. -k win-tmpl : key pair name which created for all widows instances
9. -z us-east-1c : Where EBS storage created.

Some tips,

If you want to expand the C drive volume more than 30GB, you may require to create a snapshot first and increase the volume of the snapshot later. It will create a new volume under “Volume” group and add this volume to the new instance.

You may need to stop the running instance and detached the the volume which attached currently. After that attache the new volume created by the snapshot copy. Pls choose the device name as “/dev/sda1” during the attaching time.

Pls note that choose the same region, the instance you are going to take the snapshot and the expanded volume to be attached which created from the snapshot. Otherwise you can’t attach the volume. Because both the region should be same for instance using and the volume created which is trying to attach.

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