September 2010
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Backing up a mysql table, auto-restore a database

This command will help you backup a specified table using mysql command.. This would be useful if you have a large database and have few tables only frequently modified. How to dump particular tables #mysqldump database_name tables_name -r outout.sql -uusername -h192.168.10.15 -ppass

sometimes you may required to restore the database frequently from the back up […]

Enabling IMAP extension in PHP

My server configuration is,

Centos 5.4 with PHP 5.2.12 (compiled manually)

The steps you need to do is go through the source tree which has compiled previously

#yum install libc-client-devel #cd /home/installation/php-5.2.12/ext/imap #phpize # ./configure –with-imap  –with-kerberos  –with-imap-ssl

If you haven’t installed the libc-client library before, you will get a similar error as […]

Sending mails in postfix through external smtp

I have a requirement to enable smtp on all desktops to send the emails to web. But normally those mails send from this untrusted network will cause third party smtp servers to treat this spam mail when the source address is listing the private ips we used and whenever the no. of mails increases from […]

Running PHP+MSSQL on IIS

Recently I got a requirement to run a php application which is using MSSQL extension. I have done to configure IIS to work with Php files and enabled MSSQL extensions on PHP. But the real thing is that I had not luck with able to run the site. Got the error “canot establish the database […]

How do I convert .htaccess file to web.config

I have a requirement to re-define the apache re-write rule to IIS knowing language using web.xml on Windows 2008 server. There is one easy trick to achieve this.

Basic operations are,

1. Install Mod Rewrite component on II7 2. Create a website on IIS and import the .httaccess file

1. Installing Mod Rewrite Module

Download […]

Godaddy : Setting php varibles on IIS7 hosting

Yesterday I had requirement to change/modify certain php variable in Godaddy’s windows hosting. As far as familiar with Godaddy Linux hosting I know the both “php5.ini” file would work for the all the shared hosting. After modifying(created new file and aded entries) the php5.ini, the codignater site(which using php mssql extension) began to stop working.