October 2010
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How do I setup nameserver using Centos

Here are the stpes to configure local nameservers which would help you to resolve DNS for local resource installed on the LAN and Faster nslookup queery which will help to resolve the name very fast for intranet users.

1. Install packages : #yum install bind bind-chroot bind-libs bind-utils caching-nameserver

2. Configure RNDC :

 #cd /var/named/chroot/etc […]

Spell checking issue : Changing dictionary type in Outlook Express

My outlook express is using French dictionary !! seems strange:(. So I need to change the dictionary type and unfortunately I didn’t find any other English dictionary from the combo box.

Installing this application would work to change your dictionary to English. You may download the installs from here

Now I can use […]

Installing same UCC SSL certificate on both Linux and Windows

I have a Godaddy UCC certificate which having 5 domain included. All of the domains are hosted on my WHM/Cpanel Linux server except one it intend to install on Windows 2008 IIS7 server.

This is the first time I have attempt to install it same cert in differ os. There is two steps.

1. We […]

NGINX : http domain requests to www

How do I re-direct the http domain request www domain request in Nginx server.

You need to add two virtualhost. One is for re-directing non-www request and other one is for server www-domain request.

# [root@u15382543 ~]# vi /etc/nginx/conf.d/

server {    server_name;    listen;     rewrite ^(.*)$1 permanent; } […]

Nagios with SMTP outgoing authentications

My requirement is that few of my critical notification mails are not delivered to my gamil and yahoo id. After further checking it has been found that those mails are treated as spam. I need all my nagios alert mails should free from spam filtration.

So I decided to use trusted SMTP server to use […]

How do I setup Time server On Centos (NTP Server)

Some critical applications ( odesk) requires system time to be updated with the server time in order to work certain features. Also you will get some application will not able to install if the local time is out dated or older. Damaged BIOS batter also cause this to happen.

So I decided to install a […]