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Installing UCC SSL certificates on diff. WHM/Cpanel

Here is the scenario,

I need to install UCC ssl certificate on my secondary server. Pls note that I’m going to install it on different server other than where primary domain UCC SSL installed. Both server having WHM/Cpanel installed.

1.You need to buy new IP for SSL and bind it with the Cpanel account created for the domain.
2. Generate a self signed ssl for that domain. You may choose SSL/TLS –> Generate a SSL Certificate and Signing Request. This action helps you to get ssl virtual host entry added in Apache config. file.
3. Download the Certificate (.crt) file and ca bundle (.crt) from the Certificate of Authority (CA). Ensure that you have a copy of private key file (.key) which generated during the primary UCC certificate CSR request time. This private key file normally can be found at “/etc/ssl/private/”
4. Login to WHM/Cpanel and go to “SSL/TLS –>Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain” There are three windows each for Cert, private key and ca bundle. Copy the certificate content by opening those are in any text editor.
next you need to type the domain name which is associated in UCC certificate ( your domain name) and respective IP address assigned to it on the Cpanel account and type the cpanel user name for your domain.

Here you go!! 🙂

Push the submit button and you will get a success up on click.

Have a look at following screen

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