February 2011
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Rails deployment : Phusion Passenger made easy

Earlier times I had faced many difficulties to host the Rails applications especially on shared hosting where we have limited access. Apache can serve the rails pages in CGI/FastCGI mode normal and proxing rails to mongrel web server. I’d also work with Bluehost RoR environment which will be headache in hosting few years before.

I’d […]

How do I mount NTFS partition in Linux

This is a very rare senario somebody wants to access the NTFS file system from the same desktop. But it would be helpful for most of the laptops users those who has duel boot system.

Let me explain my senairo,

My Windows XP got infected with virus and I need to have the immediate […]

Opentaps : Can’t login after seeding the Default Template

During the Opentaps 1.5M3 installation time, I’ve got stucked with admin login issue after seeding the default template. Used many trial and errors but Nothing find useful.

The first issue I’m facing is it’s showing build error while I’m executing “ant run-install-extseed” BUILD FAILED /usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3/build.xml:22: The following error occurred while executing this line: /usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3/macros.xml:153: Could […]

NTP : ntpd dead but subsys locked

I’m going to setup a Intenet Time server using NTP. I uses yum method to install.

#yum install ntp* # chkconfig ntpd on #service ntpd start After a while I can see that ntp has not been working and it’s dead. It’s throwing me an error “ntpd dead but subsys locked” [root@rc-090 ~]# netstat -nlp […]

Amazon EC2 ” Server refused our key”

Few days before I have started quick a Amazon server setup for hosting a new ruby project. Definitely I would relay on the AMI provided by Amazon for my small instance type (ami-76f0061f ). My desktop is windows machine.

After the 3-4 hours of ssh access, whenever I tried to login to the server using […]

FFMPEG error : ‘PIX_FMT_RGBA32’ undeclared

I uses rpmforge to install all ffmpeg libraries and binaries which is easy. php-ffmepg installation obviously less pain if you have adopted yum type ffmepg. installation.

Pls note that you will have install all libjpeg,libpng and GD libraries and devel package before compiling php-ffmpeg extension.

This time I got an error as shown below, 0.6.0/ffmpeg_frame.c […]