February 2011
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Opentaps : Can’t login after seeding the Default Template

During the Opentaps 1.5M3 installation time, I’ve got stucked with admin login issue after seeding the default template. Used many trial and errors but Nothing find useful.

The first issue I’m facing is it’s showing build error while I’m executing “ant run-install-extseed”
/usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3/build.xml:22: The following error occurred while executing this line:
/usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3/macros.xml:153: Could not create task or type of type: scriptdef.

Use the ant binary shipped with opentabs 2.5 package.
#./ant run-install-extseed
Continuing to the installation, here are my steps,

I uses 1.5M3 version. There is the tweaks to brake this,

#cd /usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3
#ant run-install-extseed ( this will shows error or 1.5M3 version, to solve this execute the command like as follows)
#./ant run-install-extseed

Still the password doesn’t work at http://localhost:8080/opentaps/ and can’t login,

After installing PhpPgAdmin ( A postgres Web interface), I’m going to edit the “user_login” table and updated the “current_password” with “{SHA}47ca69ebb4bdc9ae0adec130880165d2cc05db1a” and modified “enabled” field to “Y“.

Here is your login details
User/Password : admin/ofbiz

Nowthe login should work for you this time !!!! 🙂

################## The easiest way #########

I found another issue is, you will not see the default “mycompany” profile data in opentaps. It’s a kind of bugs with 1.5m3 distribution.
Quick fix

You may need to uncomment a line on ” opentaps/component-load.xml” which containing “mycompany” label.

# cd /usr/local/opentaps-1.5M3
#./ant clean-all
#su – postgres
$dropdb opentaps;
$createdb opentaps
#vi opentaps/component-load.xml
Uncomment the line and make it as
load-component component-location=”mycompany”
#./ant run-install-extseed

You you should be able to login with admin/opentaps password

fairly easy !!! Aahhhhaaa 🙂

5 comments to Opentaps : Can’t login after seeding the Default Template

  • Manish Khara

    I am able to successfully install opentaps and log in. However I get a strange problem. The Purchase Order section does not work properly. When I click on Find Orders, it does not show any fields for inputs. Similar, even though I have created orders, they do not show up in the ‘open orders’ screen.
    While creating purchase orders, the Grid View is blank and the fields for inputing the order items and details does not show up. In Full View however, I am able to add items and create the order.

    Any help? I have tried re-installing several times, always starting afresh but the problem remains the same.

    Thanks and Best Regards,

  • Lorita

    Thank you very much! that solved my problem and saved my time!!!

  • Vj

    em running startofbiz pos….but itz accepting admin password … it says admin user disable

  • Alberto

    Thanks man, I waste like 2 days trying to find an encrypted password.

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