March 2011
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How do I verify UDP port is open or not

This is very rare scenario, you need to verify the status of udp service running on the port. I found this tricks will helpful if you are trying to verify NTP server availability or VPN server presence.

Eg: nmap -p [port] -sU -P0 [host name | ip address]

a. For verify the NTP server is […]

APF : Adding custom rules in firewall

APF is installed on one of my server and I need to add one additional rule to apf firewall. I need to enable post routing in firewall for vpn server purpose.

It’s just simple add your iptables rules in “/etc/apf/postroute.rules”

[root@godisgr8t ~]# cat  /etc/apf/postroute.rules | grep "iptables" /sbin/iptables  -t nat -I POSTROUTING -s  -o […]

How do I setup VPN server in Linux

As we all aware about network security and risk of sharing files over the internet. A VPN is a good options to access our files over the public as well utilizing all the resources hosted in the office network. Here I’m using community edition of “openvpn” application which has unlimited user access. Installations is fairly […]

How do I host Java application using Apache AJP connector

Here I’m going to host a java application on my development server which had capable of hosting php/rails sites.

For hosting a Java application, You may complete the following steps.

Packages required

1.mod_jk apache module < 2. Tomcat 6.0.29 3. JDK 1.6.0_14 4. Apache 2.2.3

1. Install mod_jk

Download the the mod_jk built for your […]

Disabling email service for a domain in Plesk

Scenario :

Website is hosted on a dedicated server with Plesk installed and email service is hosted somewhere.

Problem :

When we send email to the hosted domain like we have created website domain.tld using plesk and created few account to send email from the dedicated server. We can send email to any outside […]

How To Access AwStats Outside cPanel

Here is my requirement. Client would like to share the website statics to SEO team without providing the Cpanel access. I had posted earlier how to enable awstats in cpanel and can be seen here. The new setup is for protected url access to awstats pages.

Three steps involves this process.

1. You have to […]