June 2011
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WHM/Cpanel : SSH root login disabled and “su” getting rejected

Yesterday I had got one WHM/Cpanel access to a server for enabling “upload progressbar” php extension in it. Shell access was disabled by default on all the user accounts and I have given whm root access.

I have enabled shell access to user and able to login the shell. I got permission denied whenever I […]

Amazon: Integrating Loadbalancer with Route 53

During the first time, I was tried many ways to set a CNAME alias to set root domain, but it will not be worked until I started with R53 service.

Amazon instructed that we need to do something with commandline to connect load balancer to identify the apex hosted zone. For doing that I […]

Firefox plugins : R53 for Amazon Route 53

Recently I have got a chance to work with Amazon Route 53 as I have needed for using Amazon load balancer. Frankly I tell you that Amazon must be provided an IP associated with each loadbalencer created from the AWS console.

Because none of Domain Registrar will not allow to set a CNAME for […]

How do I exclude certain files/folders from rsync

It’s a long time after starting blogging. I found one interesting option in “rsysnc” where we can skip specified files from being synchronized. This mechansim would be helpful if you have many web server cluster configured for a site.

while I’m setting up Elastic load balancer in Amazon, I need to keep all the production […]