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Firefox plugins : R53 for Amazon Route 53

Recently I have got a chance to work with Amazon Route 53 as I have needed for using Amazon load balancer. Frankly I tell you that Amazon must be provided an IP associated with each loadbalencer created from the AWS console.

Because none of Domain Registrar will not allow to set a CNAME for your root domain (@). So Amazon trapping users who are starting to use the ELB must have an account purchased Route 53 service as well to enable loadbalancing work:-)

Well, Let’s walk through Route 53,

It’s Amazon DNS service which can be able to manage it over the API call using any of scripts and easily scalable. Also 53 port is used for DNS service:-). Route 53 will help to effect the DNS changes over the web quickly compare with other DNS service provided. Unfortunately there is no any GUI for creating/administrating Route 53 service from the AWS management console and you can’t see any tab appears there once you had purchased Rotute 53 service.

After few hours Google search led me to find a Firefox extension (R53-fox) to manage Route 53 the same like “elasticfox” did. Also it’s note that most of them are providing administration panel for “Route 53” as a service ( DNS30) by charging a small pay even though Amazon pays you the same time. The charge is $1/Mon for a domain hosted zone and no. nslookup received for this domain.

Download link :

Once you have download it and you may need to open this file with firfox. Then it prompt you to install it. You can see it appears in tool menu

1. Creating Host alias records for loadbalencer.

Pls note that there is no dot (.) before the domain name.

2. Creating wildcard subdomains

Note you may see the digit 052 rather than expected “*“.

3. Identify your name severs used for your domain to make active

5. Creating MX records

Also you may create the CNAME record easily.

Before working with R53 plugins, you need to configure your Amazon secret key and access id in it ( it will be in there under your “account” in AWS login)

This plugins definitely saves you few dollars monthly subscription as there is no any easy free GUI to operate and some company providing it as paid services to administrate R53 what R53 plugins did it freely 🙂

2 comments to Firefox plugins : R53 for Amazon Route 53

  • Federico

    Hi, i’m having a few issues with. I’ve setup it just like you and I can’t still access my servers through my domain.

    Could it be that GoDaddy takes too long on updating the nameservers?

    • lijum

      yeah Updating name severs normally takes 10-24 hours over the internet. You may also need to restart the local DNS if used.

      Try to use google name servers to see it fasst update. That are and

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