August 2011
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Archiving/Moving files in a period using bash script

I have a requirement to archive the aged files inside a huge upload folder which is causing the limit of allowed files count on the shared hosting platform even though hosting plan supports unlimited storage. So the hosting service is alerting because of huge file count as well as client want to minimize it.


How to block facebook videos

Many of users are spending much more time to find the friends secrets and updates by searching something published in Facebook from their side. FB is operating transparent mode which would help to identify any changes made by the user profile to be updated/shown in public/friends network automatically by default. 85% ppls doesn’t aware about […]

Exporting private key Glassfish to Apache

My requirement is One of the java web server running on Glassfish apparently slow while on peak hours and this site has been served all the pages over https as of security concerns. I would like to improve the site performance as well as optimizing the sql query, effective usage of JVM settings close to […]

Bandwidthd : Collecting traffic statistics

An add-on to Pfesence, I’m taking this out to install on my squid transparent router for collecting cumulative bandwidth report.

BandwidthD tracks usage of TCP/IP network subnets and builds html files with graphs to display utilization and will be one of the good traffic visual analyzer like Cacti does which collect the statistics data from […]

Lightsquid : Monitoring SQUID users

Recently I was trying to use pfesence which would more easy to configure and does support transparent squid proxy. I had tried to setup different time slot to different group with different categories to set some policy to access internet. But I got fewer luck and seems that the access list we set earlier was […]

Glassfish : Recovery the admin password

Recently I had to work with one old glassfish server and need to change some jvm values to optimize the server performance.

I got so many blogs, forums how to reset the admin password which all telling that we need to backup the existing domains and created new one for taking config files etc.. that’s […]