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Exporting private key Glassfish to Apache

My requirement is One of the java web server running on Glassfish apparently slow while on peak hours and this site has been served all the pages over https as of security concerns. I would like to improve the site performance as well as optimizing the sql query, effective usage of JVM settings close to GC calibration along with Glasshfish server tuning.

So I would like to use a loadbalencer to manage the SSL acceleration and web server is managing the http part. All the secured access will be managed by load balencer hardware and web server serving the http part once it’s installed.

Unfortunately java keytool normaly does keystore file generation which would equvelent to private key and we can’t open it as it is stored in binary format. Loadbalencer requires Private key, Certificate file and CA bundle to get it installed.

So I would like to generate private key from my existing keystore file used.

Export a private key from a Java keystore

Google search led me to find somebody has a tool to do that. You may get it from here

usage :

 [root@fc-db01 config]# java -jar  keystore.jks JKS changeit  s1as mydomain_private.key

a. : Execute the command where the .zip file downloaded
b. keystore.jks : This is the keystore file used for earlier SSL install
c. chanageit : It’s Keystore password to open the “keystore.jks” file
d. s1as : Default Glassfish alias associated with the certificate
e: mydomain_private.key : ouput private key file

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