September 2011
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Retriving postfix admin password, Identify the webserver name ?

Here is the little tweak to retrieve the password of postfixadmin account. Even though I’m fully unaware about the logins that had setup at the initial time. Not good in tracking password files. New requirement is to add a new domain and only a SUPER user (which is created at the time of postfixadmin install) […]

PHP : Advanced usage of PhpMyAdmin

All those who familiarize with PHP are known to PhpMyAdmin UI commonly called “pma” which is the best opensource application to manage/administrate MySQL database.

Also this url is a favourite feed to hackers to enter in application if it is not secured or properly configured. I had seen many such crawlers attack which is […]

IIS not showing welcome page

Today I got a whired windows server 2008 to setup web and FTP. I did complete the FTP setup quickly. Then prepared a website easily and have a quick testing prior to the deliver. I should expect my landing page out there. But the things happens is ” none of the web server can’t identify […]

How do I install wildcard SSL installed on Tomcat

It’s possible to install SSL on for java application server in two ways if were use Tomcat.

1. Use Apache http server as primary server and let it serve the tomcat request over the AJP connector. This option is suitable for a host which is hosting different platform like php,ruby etc.

2. Let tomcat […]