September 2011
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IIS not showing welcome page

Today I got a whired windows server 2008 to setup web and FTP. I did complete the FTP setup quickly. Then prepared a website easily and have a quick testing prior to the deliver. I should expect my landing page out there. But the things happens is ” none of the web server can’t identify anything is running on that server port 80 even though website showing running status in IIS.

Tried start and restart… many times … with diff. possibilities .. Still getting connection refused.

My trials are,

1. Added IUSR,NETWORK SERVICE to the folder permission list. Ensured that both users have the access to the directory path.
2. Changed the website ports, set the site listening to a specific ip rather than “all unassigned ips”
3. Ensure that host is resolving loop backup IP and site showing ip tried http://localhost and ping localhost
4. Updated the user account in anonymous authentication

None of the above steps won’t help me to display a welcome page. Still returning browser error messages. I’m mis lead by the following messages and trying most time tome to solve it,

Finally I plan to add certain features to IIS ie enabling aspx and display errors support. So that I can identify it better.

I can visible the landing html pages after adding the certain features like ” default document, directory browsing,html errors.

I learned : IIS minimal installation does not show up even a static html running. Also the MAIN THING IS ” This is the first time I see that ” it’s possible to hide web server messages/response even for error or output while sites is running. Browser returning the error similar like “Connection not established or page can’t be displayed”. You wonder !!!!

Finally my IIS configuration looks like as shown below,

Happy wonder time…….. Do you feeling that it’s so simple !!! after reading 🙂

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