October 2011
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Disable Nagios notification for a Time period

Yeaah it’s another jobs comes from my curiosity as I need nagios notification disable while I’m running a backup.

In my case I would need to take a database backup from a MySql slave. This slave is already added in Nagios monitoring system as well as this system watching the binary log position of both […]

How do I run php on Java hosting environment

I got a requirement to run a php chat software running under java hosting environment.

What my server configuration is,

Primary web server : Apache with Mod_ajp connector running on port 80 Java application server : tomcat running on port 8080

So I want to install php application like this

There is a two […]

Amazon RDS : – How to change the mysql variables

I have asked to try AWS RDS feature for one of our heavily traffic web site. As per RDS planning and designing, it’s looks great features of managing someone who doesn’t any idea about databases. They are providing time based backup and restoration.

Here I’m listing out some of my findings


1. […]

Nagios : Monitoring MySQL runtime variables

Here I have a requirement of monitoring say “Skip_Counter” which represent no. of sql queries that containing errors while executing binary logs at the slave side.

This MySQL slave uses slave-skip-errors=all options in my.cnf file. Enabling this option cause data inconsistency unless you are aware about what you are dealing with. I did this […]

Bash : Sending email using SMTP authentication

I’m having a need to sending email alerts using Google SMTP which may help to notify faster and mails were not go to spam box ( Remember 250 smtp relay limit on Google account). Also this is the best solution if you want to send a mail safely to other domain rather than using the […]

How to enable PHP work with Apache on 64 bit Windows 2008 server

It’s something really annoying you that when you are doing a same job which fairly easy, but got stuck at the same point again and again. Also the same time you forget how you had solved it on last time.

Making you really frustrating and impatient while you are troubleshooting with. The best resolution […]