February 2012
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Apache : Skipping Basic auth from certain known ip’s/Network

Most of us don’t like to share access certain links/pages which containing some sensitive matters. So we need to setup a mechanism to limit this access of of this area. Apache have a password a authentication mechanism to limit the access to a location which commonly called “Basic authentication“.

But this mechanism is quite […]

OpenDKIM : Configuring DKIM keys on Postfix

This is a email technology which signs each of your emails send through your SMTP. This signing process would help to identify genuinity of your emails since it was easy to verify by your receiver SMTP to have a valid DKIM check before classifying your mail either spam,phishing or impersonated one etc.

How DKIM key […]

CodeIgniter – No input file specified error

Sometimes you may get this error when you switch the web server API module to CGI/FastCGI. I got this error during the site migration time.

Quick fix for this error is, add a “?” append to index.php which written in .htaccess file.

The new .htaccess file part will looks like,

 RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f […]

How do I install SSL on Glassfish server

The following steps will help you to install SSL certificate on Glassfish web server which is a free community edition web sever from Sun Microsystems.

a. Generating private key using keytool

This step will create a private key pair stored in a file named “keystore.jks” encrypted using a password. Private key associate with certain information […]

Mysqlcheck : Quick guide to Sys-admins

mysqldump: Error 1194: Table ” is marked as crashed and should be repaired when dumping table `db_table` at row :

Most of us are getting this type of errors when we used “MyISM” storage engine for huge tables. Inodb tables also were affect sometimes. We can skip this errors, if we have uses high […]