April 2012
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Converting RedHat to CentOS in online remotely

This is very rare scenario which come to face in your life. One of my friend had installed RedHat Enterprise Server 5.5 on his home network by the help of his friend. Unfortunately he doesn’t any redhat login info to register his OS to get redhat support and lost his DVD after the install.


Boosting site performance using Nginx, Php-FPM and APC

Earlier I had tried to boost the php based web application using Nginx weberver using php-cgi module. It’s also showing better performance compare to older Apache-Php module.

Ngnix is the fastest http server and we are using the power of cgi scripts to boost the php compilation speed. Obviously the combination of Nginx+ php-cgi […]

SSH auto login to linux server from Windows using Putty.

I’m using windows desktop and always half part of the screen is filled up with many puty screens. Sometimes I have to be logged for long time and sometimes not. I frequently disconnected as the my router device wil terminate the tcp connection which is idle more than 5 minutes. it’s so sad :-(.


MySQL : interactive_timeout v/s wait_timeout

Most of the database intensive applications are worring about the default values of these variables obviously. Developers used to inform me that they need to extend the wait_timeout value in order to complete the query execution.

After some googling, it is found that default “wait_timeout” value is good enough. We may need to reduce it […]

Nagios : Enabling FREE SMS notification [INDIA]

Here I found some good trick to enable Nagios sms notification free for Indian users using one of the sms free service offered by way2sms website. have a look at

Most of the cases I used to take tiny pieces of information from different blog sites and customize and modify it for my purpose. […]