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SSH auto login to linux server from Windows using Putty.

I’m using windows desktop and always half part of the screen is filled up with many puty screens. Sometimes I have to be logged for long time and sometimes not. I frequently disconnected as the my router device wil terminate the tcp connection which is idle more than 5 minutes. it’s so sad :-(.

So I have many number of “putty logins” in a day which required to open/run the putty application, find the exact password from file etc which is a kind of disturbance 🙂 I think. Now I want to save the effort, faster sever access and minimize the time spend for this putty logins.

1. Generate the public key and private key files.

Download PuTTYgen.exe from here and run the application. Click on generate button to generate both private and public key. Copy the public key to clipboard shown on the screen. Also save the private key in a secure location on your drives. This key is require for the file authentication

Pls note anyone can login to the server using this private file with the assumption of user and server ip.

2. Storing public key in Server.

SSH login to the server to which you access without login and create authorization file (“~/.ssh/authorized_keys“) and copy the clip board content which had copied the public key.

[root@rc-090 ~]# vi ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

That’s it . All are rest.

Login to remote linux machine,
3. Connecting server using putty

Download putty and run it.

Now you need to give

a. host name including user name and the server name.
b. Label for storing this login details.
c. Choose the private key file and save the label. See the screen,

You will see the following screen once you logged in to the server,

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