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Converting RedHat to CentOS in online remotely

This is very rare scenario which come to face in your life. One of my friend had installed RedHat Enterprise Server 5.5 on his home network by the help of his friend. Unfortunately he doesn’t any redhat login info to register his OS to get redhat support and lost his DVD after the install.

Now he contact me and asked me to help to install Subversion on his server. After logged into the server, it is found that this server does not have svn installed and also I could not get the RedHat yum packages freely over the web. So I’m worried and stuck the installation time. Tried to enable various yum repositories but nothing gonna help me .. Really I lost hope and planning to move ahead with OS re-installation even though this server is located on another county 🙂

Googling lead me to have some idea about enabling CentOS repository support to redhat. See this link

But this doesn’t work for me fully. Here is my solution.

1. Removed the redhat repository entries from “/etc/yum.repos.d”

 #rm -rf  /etc/yum.repos.d/*

2. Remove the rpm “redhat-release-5Server-”

 #rpm -qa | grep "redhat"
    #rpm -e redhat-release-5Server- --nodeps

3. You may need to find the CentOS alternative repository ( here I used CentOS 5.5 ) and downloaded the rpmcentos-release-5-5.el5.centos.i386.rpm” and “centos-release-notes-5.5-0.i386.rpm” Pls note : My OS architecture is 32 bit.

#rpm -ivh centos-release-notes-5.5-0.i386.rpm
#rpm -ivh centos-release-5-5.el5.centos.i386.rpm

4. Grab the CentOS repository file respect to your OS distribution (here CentOS 5.5)
login to your CentOS machine which has the same redhat revison installed and grab the files “CentOS-Base.repo” and “CentOS-Media.repo” from “/etc/repos.d”

copy these files under “/etc/repos.d/

5. Activate the new yum repository.

# yum update

This steps will prompt to you to install new CentOS kernel “kernel-PAE-2.6.18-194.el5” in order to enable centos package support.

Just go ahead PAE kernel installs and this will add new kernel entries in “/etc/grub.conf” and then reboot the server to load new kernel.

You will see new CentOS kernel loaded and you may continue to use the CentOS Package support using yum package manager.

[root@valuemobile ~]# rpm -qa | grep "PAE"
[root@valuemobile ~]# uname -r
[root@valuemobile ~]#

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