June 2012
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Flash Media Server : Setting up Virtual hosting

it’s a very rare senario you need to host the multiple streaming projects in a same server. Because streaming server would have hosted in a highend server having plenty of RAM and good disk I/O performance for a big project. My situation is I would have to provide demo site for diff. streaming projects.

Here […]

psaerror(string ‘Unable to connect to database: saved admin password is incorrect.’)

I had have a requirement to reset all the sql password for security concern in a Plesk installed server. After I changed the mysql “admin” password ( pls note you will not see any root mysql account in plesk server) plesk login interface is showing sql errors on screen as shown below,

ERROR: PleskFatalException […]

Auto scaling : Updating ScalingGroup with latest AMI ID

You may need to update the AMI frequently when there is new s/w or application revision has published. So this steps should be executed many times whenever there is an update on application.

To override this, I uses a script to syncronize the files in remote ftp/scp location with my server document root which is […]

Amazon EC2 : Configure Auto Scaling with Loadbalencer

Auto scaling is the best solution for the application those are expecting huge traffic some hours of a day or for a week long like some content publishing new cause huge traffic . This solutions has both merits and demerits as well. Pls have a look at my earlier post before you implement this mechanism […]