November 2012
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MySQL : You can’t use locks with log tables

I got “You can’t use locks with log tables” error when I’m trying to delete contents from the slow_log table which is always be opened on MySQL Engine in a MySQL 5.5 server. My idea is take a table dump and move the data to another remote DB server for later analysis.

I also get […]

MySQL Slow query log : Automated email alert system

One the client wish to track down the all the issues which affect the performance of busy MySQL database server including slow log query. The practical issue i,

a. slow query log file will be grown up more than one GB in a week time. b. Dev. team does not have access this DB […]

Glassfish 3 :- Force redirect all the http requests to https

While I’ve been migrating one jsf2 application to the latest version Glassfish3, I need forcefully re-direct all the http requests to https. It’s easy to achieve the same(ie force to https) very easily on earlier Glassfish version which can be done it by simply put a tick on the “SSL enabled” option under “http-lister-1”.

But […]

PHP install – configure error : Cannot find libmysqlclient under /usr.

I had to up-grade on MySQL server to 5.5 on last week in a server. Developers are accessing this server over the PhpMyAdmin url. This the server was configured with the php yum version which shipped with the OS. PhpMyAdmin was crashed once after I up-graded the MySQL. It’s showing the following errors.

checking for […]

Verifying the Email server reputation : RDNS, SPF and DKIM Keys

Recently I’d setup a bulk email server using Postfix MTA and optimize the postfix variables for huge email delivery. I uses sql based database for storing smtp logins. So that we can use this server to send bulk email from anywhere like does. My Major setup including the following area,

1. SQL based […]

java.sql.SQLException: Column count of mysql.proc is wrong.

I got this error on Tomcat error log while after I switched the server whcih is installed with MySQL latest version. I used full backup using mysqldump to restore the data. This was the issue I think since new mysql version have diff. table structure in mysql database or changes in engine level.

The error […]