December 2012
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MySQL : How to skip Mysql replication errors

sometimes MySQL replication may cause to broken for some reasons. Most of the time it’s either application errors due to poor table normalization or any direct table edit which done by the programmer.

One of the servers has got frequent this type of errors ( it is not replication errors) which shows poor slave […]

Setting up mulitple LAMP environment or Custom Apache-PHP installation from source

This week one of php dev. needs to setup two php version runs on his computer through he assigned to work both on older and newer version of php framework. Newer framework requires php 5.3 installed and we can not assign new system for this requirement.

Existing environment are OS : CentOS 5.5 PHP : […]

MySQL replication: How to view the problematic query from binary logs

Recently I had got a replication error which causes a INSERT statement contains primary key violation and hence the replication stopped. I can see only partial SQL error statement on screen and did not view the full line of query. So I need to get FULL sql statement which is having errors.


Qmail : Removing emails from queue having the specified Subject

One system has mis-configured to send tons of emails though an application and few 1000 emails are already had added in queue along with other genuine emails. So my task is to remove theses unwanted emails which containing the specified subject.

my email server is Qmail which is an excellent mail server for sending bulk […]

Plesk : Adding multiple smtp port

It’s a common scenario, ISP is blocking all the outgoing access to the standard smtp port (25) for home internet users. This mostly done for reducing spam emails send from home hosted smtp servers. However it’s a good defense for spammers and would help to increase the ISP IP reputation.

However it may cause […]