January 2013
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How do I create custom Nagios plugins using bash script

Sometimes people may want to monitor the value of certain output to ensure the availability of service stability. This is most easiest way to create your own script to monitor our expected output of a command. This will be useful for monitoring a numeric variable which returned as output.

This eg. I’m going to […]

Apache – Mod-jk : How to limit the url access to certain IP’s

One of the client needs to limit the application admin area to certain ips’ that he suppose to be used. He uses JAVA application in Linux server.

System settings are, a. Apache Webserver [frontend] b. Mod-jk ( AJP connector to tomcat) c. Tomcat Java application server.

In this mixed settings .httacess will not work till […]

Guacamole : guacd showing segmentation fault after the boot

After I’ve installed Guacamole on one of AWS vpc server, I’m getting connection refused error on Guacamole website. But this issue will be fixed as soon as I started the guacd daemon manually by issuing either “guacd” or /etc/init.d/guacd start”

Finally it has been found that system logs showing kernel segmentation faul. So it’s […]

Google Apps v/s : Get 500 mails box free


Recently I came to know that MicroSoft start to offering free email related services for a domain with free of cost. The same way that Google had launched “Google Apps” which was free to 250 emails at initial time. But now Google completely stopped that service 🙂 when Microsoft started 🙂 ..

However […]

Integrating LDAP authentication on OpenVPN server

This post is useful for those who wish to integrate OpenVPN user login based on the active directory users. We can manage VPN users through the domain controller easily. configuration steps are very easy and can be done it in 2-3 hours.


1. OpenVPN server having 2 user license is fine. 2. Windows […] : How do I reset ssh root password.

Recently I’d to take over one of client managed server and setup some routine backup mechanism and server security system as per the requirements. Unfortunately that customer does not have any idea about the server side and hosting part. And so no idea about ssh root password. He provided Plesk admin access and I try […]