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Google Apps v/s : Get 500 mails box free


Recently I came to know that MicroSoft start to offering free email related services for a domain with free of cost. The same way that Google had launched “Google Apps” which was free to 250 emails at initial time. But now Google completely stopped that service 🙂 when Microsoft started 🙂 ..

However Google is updating new technologies which is human supportive service and help us to breath easy without any additional cost. They do offering services along with their business strategies neatly. This is a Microsoft attempt get control over the other non moving Google domains to use their services since Google has stopped free Apps service.

I personally knowing that Google Docs and Spreadsheets are very popular over in internet and many companies are interesting to use it. is also have the similar services like Google docs, presentation and spreadsheet like applications on SkyDrive which is exactly similar look at MS office packages. So all MS loving users can be used it easily.

I’m also targeting this options which associated with this free email services from since my company does not have Google Apps account and has regularized the MS products recently.

Let’s start here,

These are the features that MS offers,

But first discuss about the features what Microsoft offers for free.

Email hosting

You need the following access before proceeding,

a. You need a domain and have access to domain manager.
b. An email account to create account to manage newly created domain.
c. Some idea about MX and DNS settings.

Go to this link

a. Type your domain name and click on next button

b. create a account.

Here I uses same domain name email account or diff. domain email account to register hotmail account. They will send verification email as soon as you create new account. So you need to have access to that email account.

c. Activating DNS settings and complete the domain verification.

Now you may ask to update the DNS changes to complete the service setup. importantly you need to clear all the existing MX records for the further action. What I did is,

a. clear the existing MX record and add new two mx record.
Host type Value
@ MX
@ MX 035b7ea61bbb7298abdf939c23b88f.msv1.invalid

b. Adding text record for verification and creating SPF record to whitelist the email send from

Host type Value
@ TXT v=msv1 t=035b7ea61bbb7298abdf939c23b88f
@ TXT v=spf1 ~all

c. Creating service record for Messenger service

DNS record type: SRV
Protocol: _tcp
Domain Name:
Priority: 10 (or High priority)
Weight: 2
Port: 5061

Once the verification has passed you will see the status turns GREEN. See the screen below.

Creating emails address

Creating email alias for easy domain access or Webmail access.

I made the following setting in DNS as shown below,

Host type Name Value
@ CNAME Webmail

Perfect !! 🙂 Now you can access email at after few hours later. lol.. Next you may need to know how this account will be configured in your Outlook or Thunderbird email client.

Pls note down the smtp and po3 settings.

Hotmail Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:
Use Authentication: Yes
Port: 25
Use SSL: Yes

Hotmail Incoming Mail (POP3) Server:
Use SSL: Yes
Port: 995

My assumptions are

a. This outlook service does not equal to what Google Apps does for humans. This outlook solution just cover 60% of Google services. This service does not have

b. Option for creating email list.
c. Blocking a particular email address or a domain name.
d. No options for email alias.
e. No option for catchall account.

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