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How do I check my hardware is Red Hat supported one ?

Recently I’d a requirement to up-grade few workstations since all the old hardware does not support RAM more than 4GB. It’s because we will not get DDR2 4GB RAM easily in market. Also I’m looking for suitable Intel chipset which support CentOS/RedHat

So I’m started hunting on Intel website to get Linux supported hardware. Unfortunately they do not update any Linux supported hardware list in officially for past few years and also they did not respond to any such query over the email/voice support. This is clearly stating that Intel officially support Windows only due to the business tie-up with Microsoft Corporation in back end.

So you can not see any latest Motherboard listed in Linux support section on Intel website nowadays.

Finally I found a RedHat hardware catalog list published for certain Intel Motherboard in their supported list while on Google search.

Here is the link which help you to find the RedHat hardware support

Login window should like as shown below,

Pls note you would have to input the search string something like this for a motherboard search, DESKTOP BOARD DQ77MK. Otherwise it will list all the chipset manufactures which supported RedHat

An Output window will look like this once you’ve entered my pattern,

if you click on your OS architecture, you will get some kind detailed report of that hardware as shown below, Pls note latest Intel Product does not support the Redhat OS which below version 5.

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