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Enabling Wifi-Mobile connectivity on Ubuntu 13.04 Desktop

I wish to try Ubuntu latest edition as I feel it’s a good platform to probe most of my hardware without any much suffering. I had tried CentOS [My favorite Linux] for few years. But it does not take my Wi-fi as I’ve no other choice to have internet connection at home.

Also my lappe is a Atom processor, and having limited resource and my hardisk drive breathy now heavily to get outcome. So I found that we can get better I/O response while we are running on linux as it is a neighborhood of most of the hardwares.

So Ubuntu will be this time my her0,NowI’m completely switched to Linux.I loaded Ubuntu from USB as my lappe does not have CD drive.

How to create Bootable ubuntu disk.

a. Download latest ubuntu Desktop .iso image and copied to your hard disk.

b. Download Universal USB installer from it’s just 400Kb exe and run it.

c. Connect USB drive to system and format it using the installer program.

d. Next your need to find the .iso file path to complete the bootable USB creation.

How do I connect HSD on Ubuntu

a. First we need to change the network connectivity to “Hybrid” mode under network settings from Windows. Pls note you will not able to work until this has been done. So do it from Windows desktop.


b. Now we need to run wi-fi Mobile connectivity wizard on Ubuntu. You can see this menu at the top right side of the corner where shutdown option has been set for.

See the following screen,





Now wizard setup is over and ready to connect. I had to spent more than an hour to get it worked until I see a blog stating the we need to unplug the Relaince data card once the setup wizard was over.

Note : You will need to click on the new connection that you created and click on edit, then add your mobile user name and password in the field in that window. See the following screens,




One of the important feature what I found is, Ubuntu will automatically dial the connection if it is broken or disconnected especially at 10:00 pm when Relaince used terminate the connection to another network daily.

My personal experience, Linux is enpower your hardware and hence will get better disk I/O output along with network connectivity compare to windows.

Happy Ubutu hours….

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