January 2014
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Godaddy SHA-2 SSL : 400 MalformedCertificate Invalid Public Key Certificate

Recent I had provided an SHA-2 SSLfor installing it on Amazon Loadbalencer. While I’m trying to copy and paste the content of both Private Key and Public Key along with CA bundle certificate, It shows “Invalid Public Key Certificate” 🙁

After few searching over Google I seen that many of the them are experiencing […]

GitLab : shared_helpers.rb:2:in `require’: no such file to load — rubygems (LoadError)

I have been setting up a Git server on AWS cloud using GitLab Opensource software. GitLab is an excellent application for Managing Git repositories over web and a replacement of paid GitHub service. This software does support both ssh and http communication.

I prefer CentOS for hosting it. The following link is an excellent and […]

How do I enable php-pspell extension and verify the install

One of the today’s interesting job is to assit an installation, as one of he DevOPs asked me to enable pspell library support in php. I just imply installed the it using yum command and had verified that it was enabled. But the dev. is unhappy on my approach. So I had to keep both […]

Elastic BeansTalk : Rails deployment using PostgreSQL back end.

Elastic BeanTalk is a cool,easily and scalable deployment tool for deploying any applications. This would be a simple administrative approach to scale up servers to N.. numbers. ie if you are working on a long term product type business, you can try this feature or you can use the application which will have short term […]

Postfix : Quick setup of authenticated SMTP server

Today one of my friends asked me to provide information/assistance to how to setup authenticated smtp server for sending email remotely. He is planning to use this server as a bulk email marketing server.

Here is the easy setup to configure an authenticated SMTP server within 10 minutes. Here I’m using system user account to […]