September 2014
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Glassfish 3 : There is a process already using the admin port 4848

When I migrated my glassfish server to new server I got the flowing error.

[root@QA02]# /var/glassfish-QA/bin/asadmin start-domain domain1 There is a process already using the admin port 4848 — it probably is another instance of a GlassFish server. Command start-domain failed.

I tried killing all the java process by executing this command “killall -9 java” […]

Amazon Loadbalencer SSL install errors : java.lang.ClassCastException

SSL has expired on of the client server on today which is running in AWS cloud. I uses Elastic loadbalencer to manage the SSL acceleration of my platform. Once I have issued the SSL at CA and apply the newly downloaded certificate on loadbalener, it’s throws me some strange errors which I do not understood.


warning: /etc/hosts.allow, line 109: can’t verify hostname: getaddrinfo

Few of my servers are protected using TCP Wrappers to control the access for security reasons. I have limited the ssh access using this mechanism to certain known IP’s or network ranges. But recently one the user who using 3G connection from a mobile network unable to access my servers as they are using IPv6 […]

Nagios : How do I monitor Amazon RDS MySQL server

One of the recent requirement which I had ask to do was to setup some mechanism to monitor the MySQL RDS server where we do not have limited access towards the resources statistics and utilization.

Found that Percona has developed a tool for monitoring MySQL RDS Activities including RAM,Load and Disk utilization. One thing […]

VNC Viewer error : No Matching security types

We are trying to access a Ubuntu system over the remote desktop connectivity for a long hours. We can able to connect/access Remote desktop from Ubuntu to Ubuntu. But neither windows or any other VNC viewer from other OS. We needed to access Ubuntu Desktop remotely from any system.

How do I enable Remote […]

How do setup Ubuntu local repository or Setting up Ubuntu cache repository

Prior to publish the Ubuntu desktops clones to all users, I need to setup a Ubuntu local repository to minimize the new package installation time as well as Internet bandwidth by setting up a local cache repository.

Earlier in our CentOS distribution, we uses a local repository and update it according the new package releases […]