October 2014
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IPtables : Blocking bots/spam attack based on the Log file output

Recently I had a client who wants to move more than 300 domains hosted servers to AWS server. His application uses a product which can serve multiple domains based on the request. After a successful migration, Im noticed that web server is hitting badly and causing server load to become high most of the time. […]

Bash : Find the MX records details of a domain name from a file list

Prior to setup a Namse server setup using powerDNS. I want to know whether the domain names are using any external smtp servers or Not. It’s because, If they are using external smtp, I need to contact those customer as well as create the DNS, MX records ass well.


I have given a […]

Finding external hosted domains those are not using my nameservers

One of my client has given a list of 364 domains those he managed for customer accounts. He does not know what all those are active and hosted on the aged Whm/Cpanel server he is using currently. It is very hard for me to found the domain name which are using his current name server […]

IPTables : How do I block access from a country

Recently one of the server was attempted to hack from various countries especially from Ukranine, France and China even though all our customers are located in US. So we do not need to open the web access to any of these countries as they are not belonging to our customer region.

After a few Google […]

How do I convert all MyISAM tables to InnoDB storage engine

One of my client needs to improve the sql query performance as well as to gain better performance on his platform. So I’m planning to convert all the 543 tables to convert InnodDB storage engines to use the 15GB RAM added to the server. It’s very hard to execute the “ALTER TABLE <table _name> ENGINE […]

PHP – How do I enable IDN library support in Curl

While on migrating a server to AWS platform, DevOPs complaint me that they are been used a a graph which will shows a graph based on the Google analytics data was not working on the new server. Based on the earlier requirement given by them was enable “Openssl” support on curl in order to work. […]