November 2014
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RDS- MySQL : How do I find the database size and bigger tables

I have to know the disk consumed by the MySQL data on a RDS server hosted in Amazon cloud. One of the easy thing which I used was PhpMyAdmin UI and check the tables brief list. Unfortunately this database has more than 500 tables. So I feel it’s a lazy approach.

When I started […]

How to check SSL validity period

Most of the time once you completed the new SSL installation, you may needed to verify whether the install was success or not even though webserver does not shows any error after the service restart.

I installed many SSL and most of the time clients want to verify the install twice by me or we […]

NGINX : www redirection

Here are the simple Nginx rewrite rule to redirect all non www traffic to www domain.

# enforce www (exclude certain subdomains) #if ($host !~* ^(www|subdomain)) #{ #   rewrite ^/(.*)$ $scheme://www.$host/$1 permanent; #}

I took it from here as I see it’s the first blog I see the most of theNginx re-write rules.

Useful commands to find the hacker programs and OS behavior

Recently I got an opportunity to work with certain hacked servers which is compromised due to poor administration. As we know Heartbleed. shellshock and poodle attack are come out recently.

1. Heartbleed vulnerability — due to buggy Openssl relase – resolved by updating the package to latest 2. Shellshock : a buggy and hidden […]

NGINX : Installing SSL certificate

How do I install SSL certificate on NGINX Webserver. NGINX is most popular for hosting rails applications as well as used for fast http server for serving streaming videos and images.

Here are the steps to install Godaddy SSL certificate on Nginx server.

First you need to concatenate the both certificate and godaddy CA […]

Ngnix webserver :- Php – CodeIgniter hosting

I had to deploy one php site on Rails server to setup admin UI for a mobile application. This is the first time I’m using Ngnix for hosting PHP application.

After few usual Google I got the fix. Adding this line try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php; in virtual hosting area did the trick.

How […]