March 2015
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TOP : To Know better about System resources and server load

Some while ago, I’m facing a performance related issues on a server as it is showing server load high and MySQL performs badly. After the quick look, I found that server load is bit of high but handy even though MySQL response gets badly affected.

So I had asked to check wheather it’s something […]

How do I install/uninstall External php extensions in WHM/Cpanel server

I had requested to enable FileInfo php extension in one of the production server. What I know to solve this issue was recompile the php using EasyApache. Even though I can able to enable this extension using this mechanism, it takes lot of time and may be conflict with other php packages sometimes.

After having […]

Root password is not accepting on WHM url or SSH logins

While I’m instructed to enable one package on WHM/Cpanel hosted servers, the login which I given was not working. I have verified that root password not been changed for a long time. Fortuantely I had set ssh file wise authentication on that server and hence I could able to access the server now.

I […]

PHP Warning: require_once(): Unable to allocate memory for pool

After enabling APC cache on one of the WordPress hosting, I got such errors displayed in application area.After the first lokk, it’s been identified that it is something related to memory pool allocation towards the application area.

What I found was,

I had set apc.shm_size to it’s default value 32Mb which will be filled up […]

How to extend Amazon EBS root volume size

I had a situation to increase the EBS root volume of one of my server to felicitate due to storage space requirement. So I simply create EBS AMI of existing server and launch new instance. While I’m creating new EBS AMI, I re-define the new root volume to 50GB. But I could not see this […]