November 2015
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SSH service fails to restart , Not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers

Recently I have created a new user in one of my linux server and try to verify the credentials over ssh . But I used to get ” Permission denied” message even though verified the credentails from the local login itself. So it is something like weird situation and seeing the first time in my […]

Renaming database having innodb tables/Moving inoodb database

While you are working with Huge MySQL data, you will need to switch your tables to innodb storage engine to get fast transactions performance. Suppose if you have a requirement to restore the database which having +>400G volume and the target server having the same database name exist. So if you restore the database, the […]

Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator

I had setup a normal user account on one of local Linux server few years before. When I’m trying to ssh to that server, I’m getting “Your account has expired; please contact your system administrator”. I did not set any password expiration when I’m creating this user account. So I think system using default account […]

MySQL : Managing Sleeping / Active connections to avoid “too many connections” error

One the busiest MySQL server recently had an issue with “SQL Error 1040: Too Many Connections”. This server has already set 1000 connections limit which I believe quite enough to handle our platform. But we were getting frequent MySQL outage due to this kind of errors. We know that it’s a application leakage issue and […]

WHM/Cpanel : Configure SMTP relay server on EXIM

Yesterday one of my friend was called me and asked for a support to fix email sending issue from Godaddy VPS server. As I know Godaddy put very great efforts to keep their ip reputation over the web. So they used to block sending out emails from their network even it for dedicated hosting or […]