November 2020
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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) : How to Backup and Restore a DB server

We are maintaining a huge MySQL database server which having more than 3TB data. It’s very had for us to backup, move and restore those databases from one host to another or once network to another due to size constrains. Moreover any of these activities would be involved lots of time and work precision during […]

How do I enable TLS on postfix mail server

One of the clients complaints me that they are getting warning on the email those sent to domain. They are using 25 smtp port to send email using sql based mail server. So anybody in between the network can tap the email content since it been send through non-encrypted emails.

So my plan […]

How Do enable the MySQL audit using MariaDB Audit Plugin

We are using Oracle MySQL community 5.7 version which does not have capability of auditing user activities. There will be some option to audit the MySQL statements by enabling General log ( for whole sql activity) and Slow log ( to identify the culprit sql which slow down the system.

Neither of above does not […]

How to change default JMS port on Glassfish server

Yesterday I was doing a task to fecilitate another Glassfish instance on the same IP but on using different port. I have modified all the ports those are mentioned specifically in domain.xml file. But yo u remember, I have another Glassfish server installed on the same hosting using default port values. While I’m verifying the […]

How to pull single table data from full database backup file.

At some time, you would ask to restore a particular table from a full backup. So you have to follow the below steps. 1. Request backup team to provide the backup 2. Decompress the backup. 3. Move the file to target server. 4. Restore entire backup which take long time based of the volume. 5. […]

Collecting the JVM data for identifying the bottleneck

WE all are developing jave application for various area as it is one of the secure and non-hackle platform. So it’s consider is most secured programming platform to choose. Here One of our servers went heavily loaded and we did not find any specific reasons to happen this. At the same time observed the CPU […]