December 2020
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How do I limit the access to a particular Amazon S3 bucket

In certain projects, we need to create many users to provide online storage locations to upload their files. Sometimes if you manage a large project and you need to access all the users folders and users can’t interfere the files in between them.

My requirement is , I have one AWS account and have […]

Nagios : How do I monitor Amazon RDS MySQL server

One of the recent requirement which I had ask to do was to setup some mechanism to monitor the MySQL RDS server where we do not have limited access towards the resources statistics and utilization.

Found that Percona has developed a tool for monitoring MySQL RDS Activities including RAM,Load and Disk utilization. One thing […]

Amazon S3 : Awesome usage of s3cmd tools.

S3cmd is awesome commandline tool to manage the bucket having tones of files and folders. One of my recent project have 5.27 Lakhs of images files and containing 2234 folders on it.

What I see on AWS S3 management console, it is hard,

a. To find a file existence among tones of files. b. […]

How do I upload huge GB files to Amazon S3

Recently I have a project migration to Amazon for enabling auto scale features of servers. This projects have around 5.6 Lakhs files and having 2234 directories in it. So it is hard to find the broken files once the S3 file upload had been broken.

How to I find the number of files and folders […]

IAM installing SSL : 400 MalformedCertificate Invalid Private Key.

While I’m trying to import a SSL for Amazon cloud in IAM account, I’m getting following error.

D:\IAM>iam-servercertupload -b  -c gd_bundle.crt -k -s 400 MalformedCertificate Invalid Private Key.

This is because they contain the private key + an OID that identifies the key type.

Solution : Re-generate the private key that […]