December 2020
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s3cmd Error : The difference between the request time and the current time is too large

While I’m setting up the s3cmd CLI tool and try to list the remote bucket, I got the following error,

[root@streamhost yum.repos.d]# s3cmd ls ERROR: S3 error: 403 (RequestTimeTooSkewed): The difference between the request time and the current time is too large.

Reason : The reason for this problem is that Amazon S3 allows only […]

How do I limit the access to a particular Amazon S3 bucket

In certain projects, we need to create many users to provide online storage locations to upload their files. Sometimes if you manage a large project and you need to access all the users folders and users can’t interfere the files in between them.

My requirement is , I have one AWS account and have […]

Amazon S3 : Awesome usage of s3cmd tools.

S3cmd is awesome commandline tool to manage the bucket having tones of files and folders. One of my recent project have 5.27 Lakhs of images files and containing 2234 folders on it.

What I see on AWS S3 management console, it is hard,

a. To find a file existence among tones of files. b. […]

How do I upload huge GB files to Amazon S3

Recently I have a project migration to Amazon for enabling auto scale features of servers. This projects have around 5.6 Lakhs files and having 2234 directories in it. So it is hard to find the broken files once the S3 file upload had been broken.

How to I find the number of files and folders […]

AWS : Streaming Project [Adobe FMS server] Network Diagram


I’m sharing the network diagram of a streaming Project which I had wored recently using Adobe AWS streaming service. We uses auto-scale enabled EC2 instance and all the videos (both uploaded and recorded) are moved back to Adobe FMS dedicated server(x1.large). Pls note that we have customized the adobe FMS server which subscribed […]

Synchronize Amazon S3 location to Local storage

s3tools is a great tool for automating file operation on Amazon S3 storage. We can use this tools to backup our files to S3 and mirror the S3 files to local disk or storage.

My Scenario :

I’m running an video application and FMS server and web server are on two geographical location. So […]