August 2020
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Verifying the Email server reputation : RDNS, SPF and DKIM Keys

Recently I’d setup a bulk email server using Postfix MTA and optimize the postfix variables for huge email delivery. I uses sql based database for storing smtp logins. So that we can use this server to send bulk email from anywhere like does. My Major setup including the following area,

1. SQL based […]

Nagios : Enabling FREE SMS notification [INDIA]

Here I found some good trick to enable Nagios sms notification free for Indian users using one of the sms free service offered by way2sms website. have a look at

Most of the cases I used to take tiny pieces of information from different blog sites and customize and modify it for my purpose. […]

Linux : Configuring secure sftp server

As we all know, most system users can have sftp access to Linux box by default along with ssh access. So that we can transfer the files securely over it.

But the real headache of this system is, all the users can access any of system files and also has shell access to the server […]

Dovecot error : ERR Plaintext authentication disallowed on non-secure (SSL/TLS) connections

You will see this error once after you configured sql based mail server based on my documentation and configure it’s account on any of MUA like Outlook or Thuderbird etc.

Open Dovecot op3/IMAP config file and change the line to “disable_plaintext_auth = no”.

[root@mail ~]# vi /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf [root@mail ~]# vi /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-auth.conf [root@mail ~]# service […]

Disable Nagios notification for a Time period

Yeaah it’s another jobs comes from my curiosity as I need nagios notification disable while I’m running a backup.

In my case I would need to take a database backup from a MySql slave. This slave is already added in Nagios monitoring system as well as this system watching the binary log position of both […]

Nagios : Monitoring MySQL runtime variables

Here I have a requirement of monitoring say “Skip_Counter” which represent no. of sql queries that containing errors while executing binary logs at the slave side.

This MySQL slave uses slave-skip-errors=all options in my.cnf file. Enabling this option cause data inconsistency unless you are aware about what you are dealing with. I did this […]