September 2020
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Bash : Sending email using SMTP authentication

I’m having a need to sending email alerts using Google SMTP which may help to notify faster and mails were not go to spam box ( Remember 250 smtp relay limit on Google account). Also this is the best solution if you want to send a mail safely to other domain rather than using the […]

Firefox plugins : R53 for Amazon Route 53

Recently I have got a chance to work with Amazon Route 53 as I have needed for using Amazon load balancer. Frankly I tell you that Amazon must be provided an IP associated with each loadbalencer created from the AWS console.

Because none of Domain Registrar will not allow to set a CNAME for […]

Nagios with SMTP outgoing authentications

My requirement is that few of my critical notification mails are not delivered to my gamil and yahoo id. After further checking it has been found that those mails are treated as spam. I need all my nagios alert mails should free from spam filtration.

So I decided to use trusted SMTP server to use […]

Nagios- Getting Host down alerts

I have said to setup nagios for few servers located on the same Vlan. But there servers are highly protected by the network which is all the ICMP request packets are dropped. This cause me to get a nagios alert that ” Host is down” once Nagios monitoring host is configured.

The best way to […]

Installing Nagios on WHM/Cpanel servers

How do I install nagios on WHM/Cpanel loaded with Centos ?

I spent about 5 hours to find a solution for viewing nagios web interface since cpanel is using SuPhp bind with Apache. I’ve done the nagios installation so quickly but cpanel apache config. didn’t allow to include “conf.d” folders in “include” list. obviously this […]

How do I install jre plugins for Firefox on Linux

1.Download and extract the binary file jre-6u6-linux-i586.bin from

#sh jre-6u6-linux-i586.bin

2, Switch to Firefox installation folder or obeviously can can choose “.mozilla” from your home directory.

#cd /home/installation/Firefox2.0/firefox/plugins

3. Create a link to jre plug ins

#  [root@rc-149 ~]# <strong> ln -s /usr/java/jre1.6.0_14/plugin/i386/ns7/  /home/<user>/.mozilla/plugins/</strong>

4, Restart Firefox

# killall -9 firefox && firefox

5, […]