July 2020
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Ubuntu 14.04 : Setting up vFTPd server easily

I have an urgent requirement to setup a ftp server on one the Ubuntu desktop for a interim solution. I have installed vsftpd easily using apt command and started it.

root@web-119:/etc/apt# apt-get install vsftpd root@web-119:/etc/apt# netstat -anlp | grep "21" tcp        0      0             […]

IPtables : Blocking bots/spam attack based on the Log file output

Recently I had a client who wants to move more than 300 domains hosted servers to AWS server. His application uses a product which can serve multiple domains based on the request. After a successful migration, Im noticed that web server is hitting badly and causing server load to become high most of the time. […]

Simple file backup script for Windows

Here is a tiny backup script for daily file backup in a windows environment for a small project. This script zip the folders those are to be backed and renamed it in a dated manner. Also this script will delete the old backup as well. Here I’m using 30 days retention period for this server. […]

Archiving/Moving files in a period using bash script

I have a requirement to archive the aged files inside a huge upload folder which is causing the limit of allowed files count on the shared hosting platform even though hosting plan supports unlimited storage. So the hosting service is alerting because of huge file count as well as client want to minimize it.