July 2020
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How do I convert all MyISAM tables to InnoDB storage engine

One of my client needs to improve the sql query performance as well as to gain better performance on his platform. So I’m planning to convert all the 543 tables to convert InnodDB storage engines to use the 15GB RAM added to the server. It’s very hard to execute the “ALTER TABLE <table _name> ENGINE […]

Bash script : Identifying the external hosted domains from given domain list.

One of my client is planning to migrate his server to AWS which is having more than 283 websites hosted. So I given the active domain list and had to setup new name server using PowerDNS (Opensource DNS Manager) in order to suport AWS loadbalencer CNAME. Also I have created 283 Zone entries on this […]

Installing Memcache on CentOS or on WHM/Cpanel server

What is Memcache

Free & open source, high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended for use in speeding up dynamic web applications by alleviating database load.

Installing memcache on CentOS desktop.

We need the following three package to be installed prior to this installation.

1. libevent ( 2. memcached ( […]

How do I create custom Nagios plugins using bash script

Sometimes people may want to monitor the value of certain output to ensure the availability of service stability. This is most easiest way to create your own script to monitor our expected output of a command. This will be useful for monitoring a numeric variable which returned as output.

This eg. I’m going to […] : How do I reset ssh root password.

Recently I’d to take over one of client managed server and setup some routine backup mechanism and server security system as per the requirements. Unfortunately that customer does not have any idea about the server side and hosting part. And so no idea about ssh root password. He provided Plesk admin access and I try […]

make error : undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’

I’m trying to install guacd [ one of the essential component which will act as reverse proxy in between web service and RDP/VNC protocol for Guacamole HTML 5 web based RD client.

/home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/daemon.c:204: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ /home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/daemon.c:210: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ /home/installation/guacamole/guacd-0.7.0/src/ink-0.5.1/ink.c:157: undefined reference to `rpl_malloc’ collect2: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** […]