November 2020
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How do I extract/retrive files from plesk backup ?

One of today requirement is to retrieve the file which is uploaded to ftp few days back as the current file was some mistakenly clean up by somebody. So I has to get those specified files without restoring it to server since I have only Plesk backup in hand. I do not want full backup […]

How do I create read only and full access FTP users on Plesk

Today I had a requirement to provide a ftp space for sharing csv feed to other third party to pull the data from one of our server. At the same time our custom program can able to upload the data to the same area on a daily basis. Client has a dedicated Plesk server and […]

Plesk 8x :- Upgrading php 5.1.6 to php 5.2

One of my client had a aged Plesk Linux server ( CentoS 5 Base) which is running with old packages of PHP. I’ve provided Plesk admin control panel and identified that it is using Plesk 8.1 Version which does not have enough features listed in once after you Googled for Php up-gradation and Plesk site […] : How do I reset ssh root password.

Recently I’d to take over one of client managed server and setup some routine backup mechanism and server security system as per the requirements. Unfortunately that customer does not have any idea about the server side and hosting part. And so no idea about ssh root password. He provided Plesk admin access and I try […]

Plesk : Adding multiple smtp port

It’s a common scenario, ISP is blocking all the outgoing access to the standard smtp port (25) for home internet users. This mostly done for reducing spam emails send from home hosted smtp servers. However it’s a good defense for spammers and would help to increase the ISP IP reputation.

However it may cause […]

psaerror(string ‘Unable to connect to database: saved admin password is incorrect.’)

I had have a requirement to reset all the sql password for security concern in a Plesk installed server. After I changed the mysql “admin” password ( pls note you will not see any root mysql account in plesk server) plesk login interface is showing sql errors on screen as shown below,

ERROR: PleskFatalException […]