November 2020
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WHM/Cpanel : Configure SMTP relay server on EXIM

Yesterday one of my friend was called me and asked for a support to fix email sending issue from Godaddy VPS server. As I know Godaddy put very great efforts to keep their ip reputation over the web. So they used to block sending out emails from their network even it for dedicated hosting or […]

How do I install/uninstall External php extensions in WHM/Cpanel server

I had requested to enable FileInfo php extension in one of the production server. What I know to solve this issue was recompile the php using EasyApache. Even though I can able to enable this extension using this mechanism, it takes lot of time and may be conflict with other php packages sometimes.

After having […]

Root password is not accepting on WHM url or SSH logins

While I’m instructed to enable one package on WHM/Cpanel hosted servers, the login which I given was not working. I have verified that root password not been changed for a long time. Fortuantely I had set ssh file wise authentication on that server and hence I could able to access the server now.

I […]

How do I terminate all the user process

One the user account in a Cpanel account showing errors “fork: Unable to fork new process” while the user is try to access his shell.

it’s because there would be set a shell session limit for each users in Whm/Cpanel account. on my scenario, it uses suphp in Apache settings and apache uses user […]

How do I configure remote FTP backup on WHM/Cpanel server

Recently I had a requirement to keep the cpanel user account backup away from the server instead of keeping backup in a locally mounted disk. We uses a SAN storage medium which support ftp accounts for this purpose.

I have created an FTP account and configure it on WHM under backup settings. My Backup scheduler […]

WHM/Cpanel : Disable “Authenticate POP before SMTP”

This is the default behavior of email server settings on WHM/Cpanel servers and probably there is no impact on customers those who are using outlook or other MUA agent to check mail in most of the time. But you can not send email when you try to use the smtp account in programs created on […]