October 2020
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WHM cpanel : Renewing Godaddy UCC certificates

I had installed Godaddy UCC certificate ( this certificate can protect upto 5 domains) an year before and now it’s time to renew it. Just after initiating the CSR request through the Godaddy account I got the certificate issued by Godaddy after completing the website validation. Pls note that you need to use the same […]

WHM/Cpanel : SSH root login disabled and “su” getting rejected

Yesterday I had got one WHM/Cpanel access to a server for enabling “upload progressbar” php extension in it. Shell access was disabled by default on all the user accounts and I have given whm root access.

I have enabled shell access to user and able to login the shell. I got permission denied whenever I […]

How do I enable Awstats in WHM/Cpanel and enable logs manually

One of my client requested to use awstats rather than webalizer ( the default log stats viewer) on his server. Awstats has freely available and can install this perl scripts on any dedicated/vps servers.

Here is the steps to go,

1. First thing you need to login whm/Cpanel interface using root account and […]

Migrating SSL certificates IIS to Apache and vice versa

I’m going to migrate one windows server running on some php sites which using ssl certificates to WHM/cpanel installed linux server. During the time I need to be site alive during the migration time ( Zero downtime).

For this,

A, I have enabled database remote access from the older server to new hosting network to […]

Enabling wildcard support in Cpanel shared hosting

My requirement is I need to enable wildcard sudomains on one of my add-on domain. My add-on domain is “” and I want all the sub-domain requests to be managed my this domain like

<strong> –> –> –></strong>

Click on sub-domain menu from the cpanel home. Then add the ‘Subdomain […]

how do I open a port in apf firewall and add my ip trusted.

Apf is a policy based iptable firewall which is very useful for blocking DDoS attack on heavily traffic servers. The issue is when we developrs/testers are using the same server which will deny all the traffic from their static Ip given. This is a major headache in most cases.

1. Opening port in apf firewall […]