March 2017
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How Do enable the MySQL audit using MariaDB Audit Plugin


We are using Oracle MySQL community 5.7 version which does not have capability of auditing user activities. There will be some option to audit the MySQL statements by enabling General log ( for whole sql activity) and Slow log ( to identify the culprit sql which slow down the system.

Neither of above does not [...]

MySQL : ERROR 1217 (23000): Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails


While I’ve been working with MySQL host more frequently, I’d to drop a database due to storage space constraint. When I’m executing the drop command,it showing an error that

"ERROR 1217 (23000): Cannot delete or update a parent row: a foreign key constraint fails"


Some strange error but not severe since MySQL database is [...]

MySQL : How to create multiple root user (Super admin)

I have a situation to create multiple root users for managing a large Database. I used to execute ‘ grant all *. user@localhost identified by ‘password’ ” to create super users earlier. But I realized that these users can’t alter the existing users permission set even though they can create same privilege set users.

Knowing [...]

Renaming database having innodb tables/Moving inoodb database


While you are working with Huge MySQL data, you will need to switch your tables to innodb storage engine to get fast transactions performance. Suppose if you have a requirement to restore the database which having +>400G volume and the target server having the same database name exist. So if you restore the database, the [...]

MySQL : Managing Sleeping / Active connections to avoid “too many connections” error

One the busiest MySQL server recently had an issue with “SQL Error 1040: Too Many Connections”. This server has already set 1000 connections limit which I believe quite enough to handle our platform. But we were getting frequent MySQL outage due to this kind of errors. We know that it’s a application leakage issue and [...]

Installing Mongodb PHP extension in Ubuntu/CentOS Linux


One of the new projects using Mongodb as database for push notification and it’s library support to be enabled on the PHP as well. After googling, it is found that we can get the mongodb php driver from the GitHub repository and we need to install manually.

Then only challenge I’m facing is, My server [...]